We provide certified hospice caregivers and end-of-life Doulas who work and focus on creating a safe space for end-of-life patients and their families. They look closely and engage in the emotional and spiritual labor needed to prepare for end-of-life. Our Doulas are there to fulfill the requests of the hospice care patient. We are also there to support the client and family members mourning their loved ones.

We fill gaps in care and tackle tasks that are difficult to do or face. We understand that it is a difficult time for everyone, but we assure you that our experience in this area as experts has created a positive impact during the end of life of your special someone.

Some common activities under our hospice care service may include:

  • Listening actively

    Our caregivers are always willing to lend a listening ear, where patients can talk about anything they want.
  • Leading light conversation

    Our caregivers can provide light and meaningful conversations to keep patients engaged and entertained.
  • Answering patient’s questions

    Our caregivers are always open to answering every patient’s questions, especially when it comes to their families and life in general.
  • Helping patients find peace

    Our caregivers understand how hard it can be for patients facing end-of-life, which is why they help patients find the peace and comfort they need daily.
  • Providing comfort through reading and companionship

    Our caregivers provide comfort and relaxation to clients by reading them their favorite books or anything that they request our caregivers to read.
  • Every client is unique in their needs and wants, our ADS Hospice & Palliative Team contours these desires to the individual appropriately.

ADS assigns only trained Hospice Certified Caregivers and Doula’s to our palliative and or hospice clients. ADS is a non-medical staffing company and works exclusively alongside with the best of the best in San Diego County with Sea Coast Hospice of San Diego. We have worked alongside with Sea Coast Hospice for years under their medical direction for our mutual clients with superior, comforting, empathetic, efficient outcomes for the client and families alike. ADS knows they provide extraordinary care because our clients tell us and our care team experience it during their interactions together as an elite team of incredible professionals. We are so proud to work alongside them under their medical direction for the clients’ comfort, trust and peaceful benefit. Sea Coast medical nurses, aides, social service and entire staff really care, their empathy and integrity is superior; they listen, act swiftly and communicate immediately with ADS, clients and families, they really ‘get it.” Of course, as a client you have the free will and choice to utilize any hospice company and we work alongside any medical hospice company you chose with the utmost respect. If you have not chosen a medical hospice company, ADS encourages you to call Sea Coast for a prescreening and assessment for you or your loved one. We trust them with our current hospice clients and know you will as well. Sea Coast Hospice Care: 858-452-9300 Email: intake@seacoasthospice.com

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