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What is a caregiver?

A caregiver is a care professional who cares for the health and well-being of others who needs help with daily tasks and activities. Anyone who needs assistance at home, especially aging loved ones. Caregivers are essential for them whenever they have an injury, mobility, memory, or sight issues, illnesses, and chronic conditions that make it difficult for them to do their tasks on their own.

Caregiver duties may vary day by day, but there are certain tasks they render that remain the same when caring for an aging loved one.

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These are the types of caregiver services:

  • Sitter
  • Companion

Each client has a designated team leader that supervises the caregiver on duty. These leaders are required to communicate directly with the client’s loved ones and provide a daily report at the end of each shift. They also stand as advocates for each client they take care of.

The following are top caregiver responsibilities:

  • Assess medical needs

    Every client’s health is important to caregivers. To monitor the client’s health and condition, caregivers keep track of medical appointments and manage medications, pain, and symptoms.
  • Prepare a plan of care

    Each client’s care needs may vary from the other. That is why we carefully discuss with our clients or their loved ones when it comes to their needs and goals, which can be helpful in our caregiving journey. Having a care plan allows us to keep things organized, such as many hours of care is needed to be rendered daily and whether the client needs additional help to ensure their health and safety.
  • Assist with basic needs

    There are certain tasks at home that can be challenging, especially for people with memory and mobility issues. These tasks may include bathing, toileting, grooming, feeding, and more. The mentioned tasks are commonly referred to as activities of daily living or ADLs. Our qualified caregivers can assist clients with these tasks while promoting a sense of dignity and independence.
  • Provide companionship

    As much as possible, older adults should never feel lonely or isolated, as this can lead to serious health consequences like depression. Our caregivers provide companionship to strengthen the bond and connection between clients and their loved ones.
  • Help with housekeeping

    Maintaining a clean and organized home can be increasingly difficult for older adults. They may require help when it comes to taking out the garbage, doing their laundry, washing the dishes, vacuuming, and so much more. Our caregivers can provide light housekeeping whenever they visit.
  • Monitor and manage medications

    Older adults may tend to take several prescription medications in treating their condition and manage symptoms. To adhere to their medications, our caregivers are there to remind them when it’s time to take their meds. Our caregivers are also responsible when it comes to tracking their medication list, understanding drug interactions, and organizing medications.
  • Regularly assess the care plan

    The care plan doesn’t have to stay for long. Depending on the client’s condition, our caregivers assess them regularly to know if it’s time to change or adjust their care plan. They also coordinate with the client’s healthcare provider when it comes to discussing any changes.
  • Prepare healthy meals

    Meal preparation can be taxing with age. Older adults who live alone may lack the energy or motivation to cook. Sometimes, it is also unsafe for them to cook their own food, especially if they have mobility or memory issues. Our caregivers can help with grocery shopping and meal prepping to ensure clients receive the proper nutrition they need.
  • Assist with ambulation

    Some older adults may experience difficulty with transferring or moving at home. Sadly, they are also more prone to experiencing slips and falls. That is why our caregivers are always available to guide their every move to prevent the worst from happening.
  • Provide transportation

    Riding on public transport or driving on their own can be unsafe for older adults. Our caregivers can provide safe travel to and from every client’s destinations, such as medical appointments, shopping, family gathering, and many more.

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