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Cherié Lucas, formally of Boston, Massachusetts, moved to Southern California in 1997.

In 2007, after the market crashed, she found herself working as a caregiver and experienced the incorrect manner in which the agency that hired her (on the spot) did not credential or vet her following her application. They provided no training, orientation nor checked up on her while on assignment, she was given an address and hours.

Confident in her ability to work as an experienced senior caregiver with over 35 years in various capacities of healthcare, she knew the client assigned was in her good hands.

This was the pivotal moment she knew she needed to make a difference and strategized to open an in home care staffing company with fully vetted care team members in a proper manner. That includes, waiting if needed for background check and training until the caregiver hits the floor running.


Cherié holds a bachelor’s degree and is a CTS – Certified Temporary Staffing Specialist through N.A.P.S. and she is a well-respected Certified Healthcare Advocate nationwide.

She worked at BRH/HealthSouth for over 17 years specializing in orthopedics, amputees, brain Injuries, strokes and hospice. In her later years there, she worked in the outpatient business sector of their satellite offices throughout New England.

Formerly the Vice President of MRN Staffing, she became President through a Texas acquisition and company name change with Magic Healthcare in Palm Desert, CA. Both companies specializing in temporary healthcare staffing. Her strong knowledge of rejuvenating operations, growth and identifying challenges with a solutions mindset, it came natural for her to identify that the caregiver industry was booming with a large senior population, she relocated to San Diego, CA.

In her experiences, she immediately recognized the lack of training, education, empathy and integrity locally with caregivers who just showed up to client’s homes as a warm body with little to no experience because they weren’t trained properly.

Cherié wanted to make a difference.

ADS was born…

In 2009, Cherié found the opportunity to open a caregiver staffing company with the grace of Ms. Lucille as her first client. She said, I am not a patient, I am a client, and we use this term respectfully since!

Along with Team Leadership, the ADS model is the best for our in-home clients. They love us.

During her first year, ADS flourished as she grew her team of caregivers. Hiring only the best of caregiver professionals, providing the correct mentoring model throughout their assignments and ADS flourished, together building care teams with satisfied clients and family members , ADS grew and Cherié needed to build her leadership team.

Ms. Cherié set her heart on the growth of two very special Sr. Caregivers, Deb Ball and Lynne Seward. They swiftly moved up the team leadership mentorship program and did the work like naturals and were promoted.


  • Mr. Bryon Chairman
  • Ms. Cherié Founder/COO Certified Healthcare Advocate
  • Karen Morgida CFO Administration
  • Christina MontesDirector of Managed Care
  • Michelle Lee Human Resources Administration
The caregivers truly do “the work” with a caregiver’s heart. Together, the leadership team manage each day along with their elite professional care team members and they are truly extraordinary special people. They are the reason ADS has such a great reputation. Cherié states” I am only as great as the people that surround me. Together, the teamwork makes the dreamwork. It’s not work, it’s my honor and pleasure to serve our senior communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist and care for others, to ensure that they feel valued and loved as independent as they are able with dignity and respect. At ADS, we provide compassionate, quality care to you and your loved ones. We believe this starts with providing only highly trained caregivers committed to excellent service and the highest standards of ethics. We do not believe caring for people and delivering excellent service is a “one size, fits all” program. As an independently owned and operated business, we have the flexibility to adapt our services to provide the most outstanding care. ADS vets all their care team professionals, even if they are experienced. They attend our Care Academy Caregiver training course continuously with testing and receive certificates for each course module. They are certified and registered through the state of CA with hands-on training provided by our Team Leadership professionals and mentorship program.

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