On behalf of ADS, we are pleased to announce the nominated winner of our ADS Team CAREGIVER of The YEAR 2018, MS. AMBER HICKS of Team 5.

Amber has worked very hard to achieve working on her personal skills, team leadership, perfect attendance, growth development in care and leadership, reporting, acceptance of feedback,  issue resolution, compliance, medication management and exemplary client care.

Always going above and beyond. On point in all areas of her profession.

Amber is the official Team Leader of Team 5.

As Caregiver of the year, this is the most prestigious award for our organization.

She will be presented with her award in JULY 2019.

Congratulations Amber, you worked hard and deserve it!

*Also, Amber's team member Jane has also been awarded recognition from Team 5 which will follow in Jan.

Very proud of them both.

Amber receives the new title from the rein of Milina Milannovic who has received this prestigious award three times.

Much appreciation, respect and love,


Caregiver of the Year 

JULY 2019